Last Airbender

Summary: Watch the TV show, dodge the movie.

I expect a lot from Mr. Shyamalan. This time, he failed to deliver. While he stuck to the story, he removed most of the best aspects of the characters. In the show, Sokka and Irho are mostly used for comic relief. With the removal of the comedy, they come off more like 3rd wheels. For Peet’s sake, we never see Sokka eat! Irho never even has a cup of TEA! Also, there is way too much angst. Zuko is supposed to be all angsty, but Sokka and Ang? WTF?! Oh, and while he stuck with the story, sometimes he would just chuck in elements without any explanation, or rush through things so fast that there was no way anyone who hasn’t seen the show would ever get pulled in. Thankfully, since I had the kids there, I was able to feed of their love of the story and enjoyed myself. But I will never forgive Shyamalan for not using the statues in the air temple to tie in his past lives.

Stuarts Alphabet

I wish I could find a link to the poster, but this is the alphabet as read by Stuart from it.

A is for Ballet Princess
B is for Bathtub
C is for Baby Salad
D is for Potty
E is for No Face
I is for Night
O is for Kid it the Middle
P is for Baby on Pumpkin
R is for Deer
S is for Santa and Stuart and Stocking
T is for Twins
U is for Upside Down
Z is for Bees

I wrote them down as fast as I could.

Getting Reactions

Tory is sitting on the couch, buzzing her lips and putting on her shoes. The noise was driving Stuart to distraction. I come in, get him to leave, then begin to leave myself.

Tory: He actually expects me to stop doing something that gets a reaction out of him.
Me: Well, You actually expect him to stop doing something that gets a reaction out of you.

Tory ponders this for about 2 seconds, then starts buzzing her lips again.

St Judas

Today in church, I find myself pondering the orthodoxy around Judas. Jesus knew that he would be betrayed, that he *must* be betrayed to die a painful ignobile death. This was too important to be left to chance or to be handeled poorly. Someone had to knowingly betray their most loved, most honored, most holy person into the hands of the enemy. Like Abraham, the person must be willing to sacrifice that which is held most dear. Unlike Abraham, however, there is no reprieve. Who among us could rise to that challenge. Not me. Not even for the Kingdom of God and for Peace on Earth.

A chat with Chris

Thane: Pop Culture Fusion: Men Who Stare at Goatse.
Chris: Goatse?
Thane: Do you not know goatse?
Chris: I don’t think so
Thane: It seems almost a shame to taint you with the knowledge….
Chris: YUCK
Thane: Ah good. I didn’t have to do it.

Mom gets a MacBook Pro

My Mom’s laptop died, so she asks me if it is time for her to switch to a Mac. Nope. Past time. Anyway, I am going to be down there at the end of the month, so if I order her stuff here, I can set it up and take it with me. Full week for her to get used to it and then she goes back home. I had her go and look at the systems and she decided on a MacBook Pro 13″. I am talking to her about this, making sure I understand what she wants, and Joh starts chucking in comments from the peanut gallery while working on her 15″ MacBook Pro. “That one is too small. You want one just like mine. It is so big and beautiful.” Etc. So I tell my Mom “Joh says that 13 inches isn’t enough for most women.” Much laughter ensues.