The Cutest Lost Tooth EVAR!

Yesterday, as I was brushing Stuart’s teeth, I suddenly noticed a gap. I had been wondering when he would get his first wiggly tooth, but hadn’t heard anything yet.
Me: “Stuart, did you lose a tooth?!”
Stuart got a weird look on his face and pulled the tooth from his mouth. I am not even sure he even knew it was wiggly. Clio and Thalia were having a sleepover, so things got pretty crazy then.
The next morning, Stuart had forgotten to put the tooth pillow under his pillow, so it was sitting on a chair downstairs with the tooth still in it. He and Clio ran it upstairs and put it under his pillow so he wouldn’t forget. Later, when Clio and Stuart were elsewhere, Tory and Thalia approached me and whispered:
Tory: Can we be Stuart Tooth Fairy?
Me: You can’t tell him.
Tory: We know.
Me: Do you have a gold dollar, because I don’t.
Tory: No.
Thalia: Yes you do! In your bank!
Tory: That’s right!
Me: Ok, but you can’t let him know.
Them: Ok!
Later, there was much excitement when the kids decided to check if the tooth fairy had stopped by.

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