Mom gets a MacBook Pro

My Mom’s laptop died, so she asks me if it is time for her to switch to a Mac. Nope. Past time. Anyway, I am going to be down there at the end of the month, so if I order her stuff here, I can set it up and take it with me. Full week for her to get used to it and then she goes back home. I had her go and look at the systems and she decided on a MacBook Pro 13″. I am talking to her about this, making sure I understand what she wants, and Joh starts chucking in comments from the peanut gallery while working on her 15″ MacBook Pro. “That one is too small. You want one just like mine. It is so big and beautiful.” Etc. So I tell my Mom “Joh says that 13 inches isn’t enough for most women.” Much laughter ensues.

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